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Moral Panics, Internet Radicalisation and the Woolwich Murder

November 29, 2013

Important to shed light on this again, as those accused of killing Lee Rigby face trial…

ESRC Moral Panic Seminar Series, 2012 - 2014

Lee Rigby was murdered in London on 22nd May 2013. He was returning to the army barracks in Woolwich where he was living when he was hit by a car and then murdered by two men wielding knives and a cleaver. This event took place in broad daylight on a busy street in the capital city. The brutality of the murder seems incomprehensible, as was the apparent randomness of the attack: Lee Rigby was targeted because he was a soldier – his attackers knew nothing more about him. They even took time after the assault to talk to passers-by, some of whom recorded the interaction on their mobile phones before uploading the footage to social networking sites including YouTube.  We can see one of the attackers talking here, speaking directly to camera for about a minute and a half, outlining a series of factors that he claimed had influenced…

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