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I’ve always been a feminist but…

November 6, 2014

ESRC Moral Panic Seminar Series, 2012 - 2014

I think I was brought up as a feminist – the middle one of three girls, with a strong mother and a supportive father – how could I be otherwise? I played with my sisters, went to the Brownies and Girl Guides, and railed against injustice wherever I saw it. Then I went to university and found a name for what I had always believed – that the world was an unequal place, and that women needed to fight for their rights.  My first experience of feminism saw me standing on street corners in St Andrews whistling at men that walked by and travelling to London to abortion demonstrations in a minibus. I also took part in a conscious-raising group where we shared stories of our lives and examined our vaginas to see what they looked like! This was all life-changing for me; the women I met went on to…

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